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CertaPro Painters - Exterior and Interior Painting Services

May 31

A commercial painter is different from a residential contractor. They are often involved in larger projects and may perform sandblasting, epoxy floor coating, or other tasks. They can assist with home renovation and handyman tasks. CertaPro painters are experts in exterior and interior painting.

Exterior Painting

Northgate's house painting professionals will provide the quality results you deserve. Whether you want to touch up the exterior woodwork of your home or repaint it with cedar siding, you can count on them for professional service. A house painting professional will have the experience to paint any size of home exterior. They'll know how to prep and paint a variety of materials and surfaces, including stucco, vinyl or aluminum siding, and cedar shakes.

When you first enter a two story home, the staircase will be one of your first impressions. Over time, the daily use of these stairs will show signs. CertaPro Painters Northgate specialize in rejuvenating staircases and making them look like new.

Commercial Painters Northgate have more experience in working with large buildings and commercial clients. Their duties may include preparing surfaces, adding detail and applying paint. However, other tasks like sandblasting and epoxy floor coating can also be included.

Interior Painting

The way that your home interior looks can have a dramatic impact on the mood and energy of those who live in it. House painting contractors can help you achieve the best possible results whether you are looking to paint your living room in bold colors, or create an accent wall.

The amount required for preparation will also affect your cost when repainting the interior walls. The total cost can increase if you need to do drywall repair or clean moldy and mildew stained areas.

The color selection can also have a significant impact on the cost of a painting project. For instance, pastels are ideal for bedrooms and relaxing areas. Natural hues like orange and natural shades are perfect for kitchens.

Staircase Painting

A staircase is a focal point in your home. It's the first thing visitors see when they walk in. A quick paint refresh can turn your staircase into a stunning design feature.

Before painting, lightly wipe down your stairs to create an even surface. You can paint your staircase with either water-based or solvent-based paint. The best finish is usually a satin-sheen.

Start by applying a thin layer of the color you want and let it completely dry before sanding. Apply two to three extra coats and allow each to dry between.

Consider using a color that matches your walls or trim for a cohesive look, or try a bolder shade to create a striking effect. You can also paint the handrail a brighter color to make it pop or create an illusion of a runner by painting just the edge.

Stucco & EIFS Painting

Stucco, a cladding product, is usually made of Portland cement and sand. It can be used as an exterior wall and ceiling decorative coating, as well as a sculptural design element in architecture.

Synthetic stucco is more durable than traditional stucco. Its multiple layers, including fiberglass mesh, foam-insulating board and artificial stucco, make it resistant to cracking in hurricane-force wind, shifting foundations or freeze/thaw cycles. It has a higher R value than traditional stucco, ranging from 4 to 5.6. It's also 80 percent lighter than regular plaster.

To protect your EIFS structure or Dryvit from Florida's harsh climate and to prevent moisture intrusion, it is essential that you keep the surfaces clean. It is crucial to keep your EIFS or Dryvit structure clean because moisture can cause rot on wood and drywall. To avoid this problem, we recommend that you paint your commercial building on a regular basis with Revyvit. Revyvit is a water based paint made specifically for these structures.