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10 Common House Painting Mistakes

Nov 15

Although most people know how painting can transform a house, there are some common misconceptions. It may seem easy to get a few paint cans and paint your home, especially if you are a frequent user of social media or the internet. There is more to painting than simply applying a new color. A trusted house painters Denver pro can help you dodge some heartache when deciding on paint options

Here are 10 myths and misconceptions homeowners should avoid when they paint their homes.

  1. All white paints are the same

Most white paints have some mix of colored pigments. These give the paint its tone and shading. It can be difficult to choose the right color amongst hundreds of different shades of white. There are many factors that influence the best wall paint: how much natural lighting a room gets, what the color of the surrounding walls, and other colors. Warm whites are more inviting than cool whites which can make the space seem formal. Before you commit to one color, test several paint samples in different light levels.

  1. Dark walls make a room appear smaller

Combining a dark wall color with the right lighting and furnishings can make small rooms seem larger. There are many interesting articles that discuss the difference between light-colored and dark walls. You can test large quantities of dark colors on multiple walls, and then check the color at different times during the day. The perception of color varies depending on the lighting conditions.

  1. A white ceiling makes a room appear larger

Not necessarily. White ceilings are still the most popular, but a ceiling painted with a complementary color can add interest to the space and create the illusion of more space. A small bathroom can be made more spacious by painting the ceilings and walls the same color. This creates the illusion of more space. Consider the architecture of your home, wall colors, trim, and furniture when choosing a ceiling color.

  1. Glossy Paint is the most durable choice

Durability doesn't depend on the paint finish you choose. The paint's finish refers to how the paint looks. The higher the sheen, then the more shine. Some paint finishes are easier to scrub, but the paint's durability makes them more resilient over time. The right paint finish is important for your project. When painting high-humidity spaces like bathrooms and kitchens, a moisture-resistant finish will be necessary.

  1. Multiple Coats Reduce the need for primer

While you may not require a primer if you are painting over an existing color or finish, a primer is necessary to ensure paint adhesion and block stains. A good primer will ensure that your new paint job lasts longer and chips less.

  1. Primer is all you need for prep

Primer is important because it helps paint stick better. However, it cannot replace the need to repair flaws, sand, and clean walls before you apply new paint. Although most people prefer to skip this step, it is essential for smooth results. These steps will help you prepare a space for painting.

  1. It's not possible to paint in cold weather

If the indoor temperature is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, painting in cold weather is acceptable. No-VOC paints or odorless paints are safe to use if the weather is cold enough to open windows. Painting in winter has its advantages. Painting in winter is easier because there's less humidity.

  1. You can make your paint smell better by adding essential oil to it

It is unnecessary to add scents and waste resources, as most modern paint formulations are less odorous and produce less fumes. Most paints are virtually odorless, with low- or no-VOC. If you are still bothered by the smell, open a window to let in fresh air.

  1. Painting is not necessary if you're selling your house

A home that is ready to move in will be more attractive to buyers than a home priced higher. If your paint is not in good condition, you can apply a fresh coat to your home before it goes on the market. This will help your home sell faster and fetch a higher price.

  1. DIY is cheaper than hiring a professional painter

Painting takes time and skill. If you are not an expert painter, it is likely that you will make mistakes. Making mistakes can lead to additional tools and supplies, which can quickly increase the cost of your project. Professional painting can last years, so it is a smart investment for your home to work with a professional company.

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