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Heat Reflective Paint

Oct 10

In the summertime, heat reflective paint is the perfect way to help keep your home cool. It functions as a defensive protection against sun's heat, reflecting more of sun's rays than normal paint. This kind of paint is also known as COOLROOF. Its unique InfraCool technology is used to reflect the light rays of the sun, including the invisible wavelengths.

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Invisaflects(r) heat-reflecting paint is the answer to an enormous issue: cutting down on radiating heat loss. In addition, by reducing heat gain Invisaflects can make your home more efficient in energy use. This heat-reflective paint appears blue in thermographic images.

Invisaflects is an excellent choice for cathedral ceilings as well as mobile homes in which insulation is typically not present. In addition, Invisaflects is the only way to add insulation to mobile homes. Certain studies have shown savings as high as 83 . It is an elastomeric coating that looks like a rubber coating when it is dry.

The reflective properties of radiant heat in Invisaflects(r) paint make it unique. It forms a unique barrier to your home, which makes it cooler in winter and more comfortable in summer. The coating has hollow ceramic microspheres that reflect heat from your home's heater creating a home's indoor temperature a more suitable temperature. Additionally, the coating improves its insulation for your house and decreases the levels of bacteria.

Alongside being a good alternative to reduce your home's temperature, the use of heat reflective paint also increases the lifespan of roofs that have been in use for a long time and decreases the chance of fungus growth over the paint. The paints are particularly effective in humid environments. You'll also be saving time and energy.


COOLROOF(r) It is an ingenious highly reflective thermal reflective roofing material that has an impressive SRI value of 122. It also reduces the temperature of the roof. It is certified by two of the leading green building organizations in India. The product is one of the few green building products to be approved by both bodies.

Paints with heat reflective properties are utilized on many different roofs . They are a fantastic way to lower your utility costs. They also protect your roof from heat shock and stop leaks. They can also increase the value of a building. COOLROOF(r) thermally reflective coating can cut down its temperature on the ceiling by up to 20 ° Celsius.

Energy can come in many forms, such as visible and invisble light. Infrared light is emitted by the sun and is reflected back to space, whereas visible energy is absorbed by objects such as the home. The paint's heat reflective properties hinder the flow of energy via convection and conduction as well as radiation. In reducing heat transfer the paint will help you create an energy-efficient home.

COOLROOF(r) reflective paint is used to stop heat transfer by reflecting sunlight. It also gives a building that has a high R-value which makes it more energy-efficient. This reduces the amount of waste going to the landfill and lowers the carbon footprint.

A reflective roof paint could lower energy bills and consumption by up to 70 70%. The amount of savings depends on the kind of paint used and the shape of your home. The climate you live in and how much air conditioning you use as well as how often your home is cooled by air conditioning, COOLROOF(r) heat reflective paint can reduce the amount you pay for energy.

Invisaflects(r) ceramic

A ceramic heat reflective paint is a great way to improve the insulation in your home. Ceramic is a great thermal material and is employed in space shuttles and in a variety of other areas. The added benefit is that the Angel Air Invisaflects(r) paint is antimicrobial and ionizes air, thus reducing the number of bacteria, and reducing the amount of heat transfer from your home into the outside environment.

Invisaflects can be applied on nearly any surfaces and are tinted to match any color scheme. Because it is based on nanotechnology, it's virtually indistinct. It's also simple to apply. The invisaflects coating may be applied with the provided rollers along with other application tools.

Due to its transparent nature, Invisaflects decreases radiant heat loss and gain. When applied to walls ceilings, and roofs, it is extremely efficient and is an excellent way to cut down on energy bills. Invisaflects works well on roofs.

In in addition to reducing solar radiation Invisaflects (r) ceramic coatings also work in preventing fire and sound. Its unique thermoceramic layer cuts down the amount of heat that does not reflect by as much as 95 percent. This means that your building will stay cooler in summer and warmer during winter.

Super Therm(r) ceramic

If you're in the market to purchase a new coating for your commercial or home building, look into super Therm(r). It's a complete coat that is insulating and lasts for 14 to 21 days. It is non-yellowing, flexible, waterproof and UV-resistant. It is also air-tight. It also resists corrosion. It is suitable for many applications that range from rooftop panels.

It is three times thicker than normal paint. Due to its size, SUPER THERM will block the initial heat produced by radiation. Contrary to regular insulation materials are made to absorb heat. In other words, the "R" value of insulation can be determined by measuring the amount of time it takes for heat to move through the material. SUPER Therm is specifically designed to block heat transfer by the sun while allowing absorption.

Super Therm is typically applied to the outside surfaces of planar, thin structures. Its thermal-insulating properties are comparable to that of an R-6 fiberglass batt. The coating is typically coated in thicknesses from eight to sixteen millimeters. Alongside its superior radiation reflectivity, Super Therm can also block the spread of heat from the inside out.

Super Therm is non-conductive , and blocks up to 95% of the solar radiation. It also stops the infiltration of moisture and air. Super Therm is a prize-winning coating that has been applied for more than three decades on millions of square foot of surface. Its advantages include reduced cost of energy as well as a more comfortable workplace conditions. Additionally, Super Therm increases the effectiveness in air conditioners, by keeping the heat in the building during colder months.

Super Therm works with a variety of roofing materials. It holds a 70% market share in Japan, and is extensively used in Europe, South East Asia as well as The Middle East, and Austria. It is the most efficient insulation and weatherization coating available on the market. It comes with a 20-year Energy Star rating.

There are a variety of heat-rejecting paint, each with different characteristics. Some are highly reflective, while others are not as reflective. The most effective choice depends on your requirements. However, thermal paint is expensive, and it is not a substitute for R-19-rated insulation.