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Things to Consider When Painting Your House

Aug 25

When painting their homes' interiors, the first thing we talk to our customers is which type of paint to use. Not only does the house paint have specific durability, it can also affect the final look.

We often recommend our customers visit their local hardware stores to look at all the color options. To pick their favorite colors and the type of paint they would like, we prefer Sherwin Williams paint. To assist our customers with their color selections, we offer a color visualizer.

Every paint that is available will include a sample.

But it can be overwhelming. It can also be easier to know which room you wish to paint.

Below is a guide to the various paints that can be used depending on the room being painted.

Different types of paint finishes

Flat: Ceilings, dining areas, adult bedrooms.
Silk – Home Office, kids’ room, laundry room, kitchens. Indoor & Outdoor, Pearl-like matte, w/hints of sheen.
* Hallways. Living rooms. Entryways. Mid-traffic areas. Balance between gloss and matte. Easy to clean with a damp cloth.
Semi - - Kitchens, bathrooms, and moist areas with higher traffic.
* High-Gloss - Cabinets and Trim, more reflective, easier to clean and decorate.

Different types and types of sheen

Paints without a sheen or gloss are called matte or flat. They absorb more light, which makes them non-reflective.

Paint finishes with a semigloss finish or a glossier sheen reflect sunlight, giving them a shiny look.

Paints with some in between sheen have the same effect, they reflect light and absorb light.

Different types of paint finishes


Flat finishes are non-reflective and smooth. This finish is ideal for low traffic areas and walls.
The matte paint is less expensive than high gloss paints. You can touch up the paint with a warm damp cloth.


Satin finishes are a pearl-like matte that has hints of sheen. They are great for exterior painter Denver as well as indoor use, as well as their durability and resistance to mildew. Ideal for use in busy indoor areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms, laundry rooms, kids' rooms, playrooms, and offices. Easy to clean than lower-gloss surfaces, which can be cleaned using gentle cleaners.


The eggshell look is elegant, but low-sheet, and it's ideal for entryways, living rooms, and hallways that receive low to mid-traffic. It is easy to clean using a damp cloth.


Semi-gloss finishes have a higher degree of reflection and a smoother sheen. This gives rooms a shiny, clean appearance. Semi-gloss finish is popular for rooms with high traffic. It has a high resistance to moisture which makes it ideal for rooms with higher humidity such as bathrooms and laundry rooms. Multi-cleaning options makes this one of the easiest finishes to clean.

Our Painting Expert Tip


High-gloss is the highest-sheen finish, giving the best level of reflection. High-gloss finishes work well on cabinets, doors, molding, trim, and even outdoor things like shutters. High gloss is both decorative as well as easy to clean.

The space you are using will influence the choice of interior paint finish. We are excited to work with you, as there are many different paint finishes.


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